• connecting and amplifying the work of Adelaide’s

    Do-ers In Residence


  • Is This You?


    Are doing un(der) paid 'work for the world' because it is your passion?


    Are you stuck in 'job' - because you have to - though if you could find a way out, your skills and talents could be fully unleashed?


    Are you in government or business, and working with citizen initiatives because you want to see great things happen?


    You want positive change.


    And you don’t just talk about it. You don’t just think about it.


    You are one of those who DO it.


  • What's This All About?


    Coalition of the Doing is a collective of organisations, individuals and networks who are building the commons and peer-to-peer/citizen movement in Adelaide.


    The Coalition of the Doing is:

    1. a mutual aid network for citizen initiatives and their allies, to pool and cross-pollinate resources, knowledge and contacts
    2. a platform to amplify the voice of the many citizen initiatives in Adelaide, raising awareness of the value they create, like the big end of town does
    3. about doing real things that change how systems work to create positive social, environmental and economic impact - it's not the Coalition of the Talking, or the Coalition of the Protesting...it's 'do' and 'build', rather than 'talk' and 'fight'


    If you are part of the movement of those who are building the commons - or a supporter of them, whether you are in business or government - you can join the Coalition of the Doing.


    There are many worthy networks for a range of causes and activism - to ensure relevance and usefulness, this one is specifically for those who are building citizen driven initiatives, in service of the community.

  • Help Build The Change

    Joining the Coalition of the Doing is free – but you have to be actively involved in for benefit, commons-enhancing, citizen initiatives.


    The ‘cost’ of joining is non-monetary, and involves two commitments:

    1. supporting other members’ work through sharing their news and needs on social media and in newsletters
    2. being proactive in considering how you could help another member, or if you know someone who could


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